Health And Social Care Qcf Are Available For Interested Individuals

Understanding how to provide outstanding care for a patient in a healthcare setting is very beneficial to the patient and the caregiver. Courses are available to teach an individual how to move and handle a patient, infection control, dementia care, diabetes care, how to use an evacuation chair and much more. With the proper care of a caregiver, a patient can enjoy feeling confident while they’re being taken care of. Building a bond with a patient starts with trust that will be built when the care is outstanding. It’s also important for a caregiver to understand how they can protect themselves from back injuries or infections.

Moving And Handling A Patient

Transferring a patient from a bed to a chair, or lifting a patient up in a bed is taught through a two-day course. A caregiver can learn more about the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, manual handling regulations, back pain and how it is caused, management responsibilities, good and bad practices, and risk assessment tools for moving a patient. When the course is complete, an individual will be evaluated on their knowledge and the ability to train someone else.

Dementia Care

Another part of health and social care qcf is dementia care. With dementia on the rise, an individual will learn more about dementia and the different types that can affect an individual. They will learn how to communicate with patients who suffer from dementia and how to manage changes in their behavior. Supporting an individual with dementia will also be taught as part of the course.

Infection Control

Understanding the different types of germs and infections can prevent an outbreak or spread of germs from one patient to another. An individual will learn how to use personal protective equipment, perform correct hand washing techniques, how infections can occur, and the importance of infection control and management.

If you’re looking to improve your healthcare skills, help to teach others, and build trust with a patient, receiving proper training is very important. In certain situations, individuals might need to take a refresher course in a particular area that might also be available.